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EnovaPremier is committed to excellence in assembly services. We guarantee superior quality, steadfast reliability, and value-driven pricing. Our mission revolves around enhancing the supply chain with our exceptional tire and wheel assemblies, driving progress in every operation.




From our inception in 2007 by founder Edwin Rigaud, Jr., EnovaPremier has become a narrative of American innovation and diversity. As one of the nation’s most prominent Minority Business Enterprises, certified by the National Minority Supplier Development Council, we not only lead in tire and wheel assembly — we redefine it. Our story is woven with decades of expertise, a commitment to diversity that mirrors the communities we serve, and engineering prowess that sets new industry benchmarks.

We believe in ideas that challenge the status quo, drawn from the rich diversity of our team. Our strength lies in our difference, fueling a customer-centric approach that reflects and anticipates the needs of our clients. EnovaPremier isn't just integrating into supply chains; we're enhancing them, opening avenues for efficiency, cost- effectiveness, and strategic supplier consolidation.

Our footprint spans across Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky, and Michigan, with a prestigious client list including General Motors, Hyundai, Stellantis, and Toyota. We stand on a legacy that began before our formal establishment, building on the assets of a seasoned tire & wheel assembly company dating back to 1995. Headquartered in Louisville, KY, we’re not just a part of the industry; we’re at the forefront of its evolution.

Discover how EnovaPremier can elevate your operations. Reach out for a deeper dive into our services and see how we can deliver tangible benefits to your supply chain. Our team team is ready to unfold the possibilities for cost efficiency, enhanced productivity, and supplier integration that only EnovaPremier can offer.


The EPIQ Way

EnovaPremier is propelled by the EPIQ Way – our signature business philosophy that intertwines our values into every facet of our operations. EPIQ stands for EnovaPremier Innovative Quality, a beacon guiding us toward unwavering reliability, integrity, diversity, and excellence. It's not just a methodology; it's our promise of an exceptional journey with every mile we travel together.


EPIQ In Action


Values - At the heart of the EPIQ Way are our core values: Reliability, Integrity, Diversity, and Excellence (RIDE). These aren't just words; they are the pillars that uphold our business and the benchmarks by which we measure our success.

Roles - In the EPIQ ecosystem, clarity of roles is paramount. Everyone has a clear understanding of their responsibilities, how they contribute to the collective mission, and the specific results we all strive for.

Goals - Our goals are not mere checkpoints but milestones on the path to the ever-evolving EPIQ horizon. Each individual’s role is fine-tuned towards our collective ambition: to propel the company and ourselves to new pinnacles of achievement.

Pride - Pride is the thread that weaves through our work, encapsulating the 'P' in Performance + RIDE = PRIDE. Our commitment to quality ensures that every product delivered is one we stand behind with pride, knowing we consistently meet and exceed the expectations of those we serve.











RIDE Values

R – Reliability

We pledge an unyielding commitment to fulfill the needs of our clients with precision. EnovaPremier's dedication is to safety, quality, and exemplary service, ensuring a reliable partnership at every turn.

I - Integrity

Our corporate culture is our foundation, built on the bedrock of integrity. We champion ethical behavior, mutual respect, and the free exchange of ideas, fostering a transparent and responsible environment.

D - Diversity

Diversity fuels our drive. It is the diverse ideas, cultures, and perspectives of our team that ignite innovation and creative solutions, reflecting the varied needs of our clients.

E - Excellence

We strive for nothing short of excellence. Our team is driven to achieve peak professionalism and technical mastery, delivering not just products, but unparalleled experiences that afford our clients a competitive edge.

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